The Metairie Central Business District (CBD)


If your business is looking for a thriving commercial location that boasts a New Orleans experience with a slight change of pace, you have to consider Metairie’s Central Business District (CBD).

Metairie is one of the strongest communities in the area for arts, entertainment and business. As one of New Orleans’ largest suburbs, Metairie offers an array of business, dining and nightlife experiences that both residents and tourists enjoy. Metairie’s CBD is the hub for business and commerce in the community. With a selection of industries, the port, the Northshore and the Smoothie King Center just a short distance away, the Metairie CBD is a bustling area at almost every time of the day.

Located on Causeway Blvd near Lake Pontchartrain, the Metairie CBD offers several major malls and a thriving restaurant scene. The area is indicative of Metairie’s commercial evolution and viability. In the 70s and 80s, the nearby Fat City neighborhood was home to the area’s active nightlife scene. Over time, Fat City began to evolve to meet the changing times its citizens. Today, it serves as a home to Metairie’s, and the area’s, incredible food and dining culture–providing incredible options for your off-site business meetings. The area additionally serves as the most racially diverse area in the metro area, allowing for diverse dining options each night.

Once you step into the Metairie CBD, you’ll immediately feel the vibrancy and potential of the area. A mix of modern business buildings gives off a culture of commerce while the exquisite greenery reminds us of the natural beauty of Metairie. If you’re looking for an economically stimulating community with a splash of nature, the Metairie Central Business District is a must-see for you.

If you want to schedule a viewing at our available properties along the Metairie CBD, call (504) 828-9700 today.

The Metairie Central Business District (CBD)

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