The National World War 2 Museum is a Must-See in New Orleans

New Orleans is home to the LCVP, or Higgins boat. The LCVP is the landing craft used during World War II to bring US troops onto the shore. During the war, 20,000 LCVPs were tested in Louisiana. Their contribution was so important that in 1964 Dwight D. Eisenhower once said that Andrew Jackson Higgins and Higgins Industries, the LCVP’s designers, “…won the war for us.”

New Orleans’ contributions to the war effort didn’t go unnoticed by the likes of Dr. Stephen Ambrose. Dr. Ambrose founded and established The National WWII Museum in 2000 after collecting more than 2,000 oral histories from D-Day veterans and discovering that the U.S. had no museum to commemorate their efforts and experiences.

Today, guests are welcome to hear the stories of American soldiers’ experiences during the war. Not only is the museum important for its cultural significance, it is also New Orleans’ top-rated tourist destination according to TripAdvisor–reaching #3 on its top museums in the country list.

The museum features an array of narratives, immersive experiences and an incredible collection of artifacts, amongst other insightful and intriguing features. Featuring an amazing restaurant – The American Sector, the museum also serves as an exquisite event space for special gatherings. With an expansive list of options, it serves as an ideal destination for large and small gatherings alike.

Whether you are looking for an immersive learning, or to host an event at an original venue, be sure to check out The National WWII Museum.

The National World War 2 Museum is a Must-See in New Orleans

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