Planning a move to New Orleans? Lighten your load with these resources.

New Orleans moving resources
New Orleans neighborhood map

Among U.S. cities, New Orleans is a top destination for millennials on the move. It’s not hard to see why this demographic wants to head to the gulf coast. The growth of New Orleans’ economy, fueled by real estate development and an expanding technology industry, has made the region an attractive place for those seeking new opportunities.

As far as American cities go, New Orleans is as culturally rich as it gets. Acquainting yourself with the city is a fun process, but an ongoing one–and it can be difficult to know where to start.  For people looking to relocate, New Orleans has so much to offer. Take advantage of these resources to prepare for your New Orleans move!


Moving: all too often, it’s more stressful and more expensive than it has to be. Bellhops–a moving company which serves those relocating to metro areas in the southern U.S.–is an affordable and worthwhile investment. Dubbed the “Uber for moving,” the Chattanooga-based startup has earned accolades for its reliability among people in their 20s and 30s who are newcomers to the region.


New Orleans is comprised of seventy-two different neighborhoods, each with its own distinct look and flavor. Because cost of living and access to transportation varies among neighborhoods, educating yourself about NOLA’s real estate market is especially helpful if you want to find housing options that suit your budget and lifestyle. The following websites offer useful statistics and information to help you find your home sweet home.

And if you’re curious how different neighborhoods compare in terms of their green infrastructure or bike-friendliness, a  new mapping tool, developed for New Orleans by the national Trust for Public Land’s Climate-Smart Cities initiative, collects and visualizes environmental data down to the neighborhood-, street- and property-level. For cycling-enthusiasts, a local advocacy group called Bike Easy also hosts fun events aimed at making biking in New Orleans easier and safer.

Planning a move to New Orleans? Lighten your load with these resources.

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